Walnut Medical lists WALKEX FES and Waltronic Stance Control Electronic KAFO products on IndiaMART

Walnut Medical recently listed its products on IndiaMART to reach out to Patients and Doctors all across the world with its products.


  1. Walkex FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) system for foot drop and half body paralysis post stroke, SCI, MS
  2. Waltronic Stance Control Electro-Magnetic Knee ankle foot orthoses (KAFO)
  3. Walnut Medical REPOSE Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation CES System for treating Anxiety and Insomnia
  4. Walnut Medical Mind Acquity TDCS Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation System for Stroke Rehabilitation

Waltronic Stance Control Electronic KAFO Brochure: http://walnutmedical.in/waltronic-stance-control-electronic-knee-orthosis/

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