Motorized Tilt Bed: Premium

Walnut Medical Motorized Tilt Table: Premium ● Training bed frame, armrest table top, compression band, standing plate, bed panel and angle adjusting device, totaling 6 portions. In the process of standing training, the user shall lie flatly on the bed, where the bed panel together with the fixing strap and armrest table to allow the[…]

Walnut Medical launches Waltronic Stance Control Electronic Joint for Polio survivors, SCI, MS and other Knee Buckling patients

Walnut Medical is proud to be the first Indian company to take a stall/booth at the worlds biggest orthotic technology event at OT World Leipzig Germany 2018 to showcase advanced technologies and products for Paralysis and knee buckling patients. Walnut Medical launched its first electronic stance control joint for Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis and Knee[…]

Affordable Electronic Stance Control KAFO Calipers for Polio Survivors and Spinal Cord Injury/Neuro patients across the world just got real!!

Walnut Medical, a leading medical devices company based in North India recently launched a range of electronic stance control with auto locking unlocking feature for Polio survivors, Spinal Cord Injury/Multiple Sclerosis patients and other patients that experience Knee buckling issues post a traumatic injury or a neuro disorder.              […]

Walkex Functional Electrical Stimulation FES for foot drop and wrist drop

Functional electrical stimulation (FES), unlike Neuro-muscular Electrical stimulation stimulates muscles to contract during the performance of an activity (eg, sitting, standing up from a chair, walking, reaching for and manipulating objects), with the goal of improving the performance of that activity. The perceived benefit of FES for survivors of stroke is that it can facilitate[…]

Walnut Medical lists WALKEX FES and Waltronic Stance Control Electronic KAFO products on IndiaMART

Walnut Medical recently listed its products on IndiaMART to reach out to Patients and Doctors all across the world with its products. Products: Walkex FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) system for foot drop and half body paralysis post stroke, SCI, MS Waltronic Stance Control Electro-Magnetic Knee ankle foot orthoses (KAFO) Walnut Medical REPOSE Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation[…]

Walnut Medical launches wireless EMG sensor for Walkex FES upper limb Stroke Paralysis rehabilitation

Walnut Medical becomes the first company to release a Functional Electrical Stimulation(FES) system with can be used for upper limb rehabilitation in dynamic mode using a wireless EMG sensor and for lower limb foot drop rehabilitation using the wireless/wired heel sensor. Patients can choose a suitable more for upper or lower limb and use the[…]