Affordable Electronic Stance Control KAFO Calipers for Polio Survivors and Spinal Cord Injury/Neuro patients across the world just got real!!

Walnut Medical, a leading medical devices company based in North India recently launched a range of electronic stance control with auto locking unlocking feature for Polio survivors, Spinal Cord Injury/Multiple Sclerosis patients and other patients that experience Knee buckling issues post a traumatic injury or a neuro disorder.              […]

Walkex Functional Electrical Stimulation FES for foot drop and wrist drop

Functional electrical stimulation (FES), unlike Neuro-muscular Electrical stimulation stimulates muscles to contract during the performance of an activity (eg, sitting, standing up from a chair, walking, reaching for and manipulating objects), with the goal of improving the performance of that activity. The perceived benefit of FES for survivors of stroke is that it can facilitate[…]