EasyTrac-P:  The worlds first dynamic, flexible expandable retractor for endoscopic pituitary surgery


This is a single use customized disposable retractor with the following capabilities and advantages

1.] Easy to deploy, just insert and pull the ring, the retractor opens!

2.] Thin 0.3 mm, occupies minimum space yet excellent memory against tissues, will expand to provide space

3.] Atraumatic, minimal injury to adjacent tissues

4.] Dynamic, flexible, simply push the retractor to look around corners

5.] Easy to handle endoscope, the assistant simply has to slide the endoscope In and Out at the 12 ‘o’ clock position.

6.] Teflon coated, non-stick, non reflective, black and will also not stick any blood

7.] Customized, available in small (pediatric), medium and large (for acromegaly) sizes

8.] Huge space, can insert upto 4 instruments!!

9.] Uni nostril, septum preserved, minimum damage to mucosa, superior nasal quality of life

10.] Simply advance the EASYTRAC inside to go deeper.

 11.] Once surgery is over, simply remove and apply a single stitch to mucosa, no need for tampons (for peri-septal sub mucosal approach)

12.] Easily harvest muco-septal flap by removing the retractor, and cutting the mucosa superiorly and inferiorly. Presence of retractor keeps the mucosal away from the operative field

Sizes available:


  1. Small :       WIDTH     10 mm       Length    100mm
  2. Medium :  WIDTH     15 mm       Length     150mm
  3. Large :       WIDTH    20 mm       Length     150mm

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What is Easytrac-P retractor and how is it used?


Watch Prof. P Sarat Chandra, AIIMS New Delhi talking about Easytrac-P and its advantages at SKULL BASECON 2019 Neurosurgery conference in Coimbatore


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