What is Stroke?

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the world. Every year more than 16 million people get a stroke worldwide, with over 1.6 Million stroke just in India. Out these 5 million people die, another 5 million people recover and about 6 million people are left disabled.

By 2017, stroke would become the leading cause of deaths in India overtaking cardiovascular diseases, making it the biggest cause of concern for developing nations like India.


A stroke occurs when the flow of blood in the brain is interrupted, either due to a blockage in the blood vessels, called an ischemic stroke or due to a bleed in the brain called a hemorrhagic stroke. A stroke leads to loss of oxygen supply to the brain cells leading to their damage.

The most common side effect of half body paralysis is called Foot Drop, which is the inability to control the movement of the foot, resulting in a high stepping semi circular walking pattern.

The Walnut Medical Walkex monitors the muscles and walking pattern of the patient; the advanced algorithms the compute and send intelligent signals to the muscles and nerves to control the foot & thigh movement of the patient. The Walkex acts as a local brain for the lower limb and thus help correct the gait pattern of the patient.

Walkex in action on a Stroke patient with Foot Drop