What is Walkex?

Patient Feedback of Walkex FES

How does it work?

Walnut Medical Walkex monitors physical and muscular activity of the leg using intelligent sensors and stimulates necessary muscles that help walk without foot drop resulting in corrected walking pattern.

The Walkex is also used in rehabilitation of the shoulder and the wrist. The Walkex has proven to reduce spasticity, reduce muscular atrophy and rebuild neuroplasticity. The Walkex has multiple training modes can be used to perform specific tasks which accelerate recovery while the patient is still on the bed.

The Walkex training mode can be used as soon as the stroke rehabilitation process starts, while the patient is still on the bed to prevent muscular atrophy and to rebuild strength in the thigh and the leg muscles. The process of rebuilding muscle strength can take a few weeks, post which the doctor attempts to make the patient stand.

As the Walkex controls the foot movement by stimulating the peroneal nerve and tibialis anterior it sends signals to the brain that accelerates neural connections redevelopment in the brain, called neuroplasticity.



The Walk-Ex reduces the chances of a fall which is the biggest factor of long term disability post being diagnosed with neurological disorder like Multiple Sclerosis or after suffering from a Stroke.

Walnut Medical Walkex is prescribed to patients by Walnut Medical certified medical professionals only. Do not use in any other case.